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Beth Shalom Synagogue Renovation and Addition

Wilmington, Delaware

ClientCongregation Beth Shalom

Congregation Beth Shalom has made major interior and exterior capital improvements including in part:

  • The transformation of a dark uninviting open rear court into a light-filled two story gathering place
  • The conversion of an underutilized auditorium to classrooms
  • Renovation of the sanctuary and social hall: finishes, lighting, seating and sound system
  • Making the entire building fully accessible
  • Totally new energy efficient electrical and mechanical systems
  • Complete landscaping including the creation of a new entry garden
  • Expansion and complete redesign of the chapel
  • Refurbishment of all interior spaces
  • New gift shop
  • New furniture and furnishings

These enhancements have been accomplished without impairing the distinctive spatial charter and quality of the major existing interior spaces – the sanctuary and the social hall.

Award Winning Design

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Beth Shalom Synagogue – Front


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Classroom


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Gift Shop


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Gathering Room


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Back Entrance


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Back Entrance


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Side


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Lobby


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Panoramic 1


Beth Shalom Synagogue – Panoramic 2

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