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Delaware Military Academy

Wilmington, Delaware

ClientsTrison Building Concepts and Delaware Military Academy

Building One – Classroom Building

The Delaware Military Academy building #1 is 18,000 square feet of classrooms, library, and administrative offices.

The building is characterized by generous natural light, bold exterior forms, and a highly efficient plan. Construction was carried out on a design-build basis at a cost well below the normal range of school construction in Delaware.

Building Two – Military, Arts & Science Building

Previously approved land development plans for an entirely different use set location and maximum footprint for 28,000sf of laboratories, classrooms, drill hall, and offices. The interior minimizes circulation, emphasizes natural light everywhere – including corridors – and zones noisy from quiet areas. The long north wall boldly defines a space for drill and outdoor assembly as well as parking; the similar south wall presents a distinct image from the distant interstate. Extension of these walls beyond the building emphasizes their formal role. The projection from the north wall accommodating main stair and observation deck, marks the entrance and echoes the curves on the Academy’s first building.


DMA – Exterior (building 1)


DMA FullView (building 1)


DMA – Hallway


DMA  Stairwell (building 1)


DMA Front (building 2)


DMA  Side (building 2)


DMA Hallway (building 2)


DMA  Lecture Room (building 2)


DMA Gym (building 2)

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